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Sergio Lombardi

Sergio Lombardi



2021 Tourism: Information is survival

Main category: Tax Laws, Regulations & Insurance


Public funds made available by central and local Governments are not properly supporting Italian Tourism industry, but they can be a starting point.
Bureaucracy, lack of funds, infodemics (excessive amount of information about a problem) but also mistrust, made it difficult to identify solutions.
Analyzing financial supporting regulatory, we discovered Tourism industry lost many chances, with companies and individuals not properly and timely requesting public funds.
Holiday Bonus, a fund of 2.4 billion Euro, lies mostly unused, due to its complex procedure, but also for denial to accept it by many hotels and bed&breakfasts.
Changing strategy and trying to recover financial resources still available is necessary and it can be certainly made possible by proper advisors, interpreting complex law and making it easy to understand and apply.
Recovery funds cannot be missed, they are the real last chance for many tourism entrepreneurs’ survival.
Many law and tax reforms are coming, involving Tourism business in Italy, and Sergio Lombardi has increased his efforts to interpret the most impacting acts and his training activities, supporting companies and increasing advisors knowledge. Information is survival.


Sergio Lombardi, Taxbnb founder, is an Italian tax consultant specialized in tax, legal and administrative compliance of hotels, bed&breakfasts and short term rentals in all household and entrepreneur forms. Following his career in Ernst&Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture and Deloitte, Sergio contributes with his tax articles for Italian main tourist and business newspapers and magazines, including Ipsoa, Giuffrè, Il Sole 24 Ore and Italia Oggi.
Sergio attends regularly international tourist fairs and events with his speeches, interpretating tax reforms of tourism legislations. Sergio has been recently appointed as Tax Expert by Italian Property Managers Association, representing some 150 companies and 22,000 rented apartments.
Taxbnb, founded by Sergio and Mikaela Hillerstrom, is surely in Italy and in Europe one of the few law firms exclusively dedicated to short term vacation rental, travel experience and hotels taxation and legal aspects. Taxbnb mission is legality, so hundreds of rentalpreneurs are currently supported by Taxbnb on their tax and legal compliance. Our customers include landlords associations and international major property managers.